Hello and thank you for visiting Quilt Dimensions.

Quilt Dimensions was founded in 2018 as an online fabric store supplied with products from Moda Fabrics to provide quilters with the best quality pre-cuts.

Our website is driven by my love for quilting and teaching. What started as a hobby over ten years ago has now become a passion that I want to share, particularly with young adults that have a strong interest in sewing.  It is my wish to keep this art alive and to share as much knowledge and tips for true beginners that are wanting to start quilting.  My focus is to make their quilting experience pleasant and attainable. We welcome quilters of all skill levels to Quilt Dimensions.  We hope you use our channel as a resource when we begin releasing our tutorials on YouTube.

Please check back often as we extend our product line in the near future.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Keep on quilting,

Rachel Hilton

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